Table Basse En Verre Design Italien
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Table Basse En Verre Design Italien

Table Basse En Verre Design Italien Table Basse En Verre Design Italien

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As noun

An Article Of Furniture Consisting Of A Flat, Slablike Top Supported On One Or More Legs Or Other Supports: A Kitchen Table; An Operating Table; A Pool Table.

Such A Piece Of Furniture Specifically Used For Serving Food To Those Seated At It.

The Food Placed On A Table To Be Eaten: She Sets A Good Table.

A Group Of Persons At A Table, As For A Meal, Game, Or Business Transaction.

A Gaming Table.

A Flat Or Plane Surface; A Level Area.

A Tableland Or Plateau.

A Concise List Or Guide: The (table Of Contents) In The Front Of The Book Includes Chapter Names And Page Numbers.

An Arrangement Of Words, Numbers, Or Signs, Or Combinations Of Them, As In Parallel Columns, To Exhibit A Set Of Facts Or Relations In A Definite, Compact, And Comprehensive Form; A Synopsis Or Scheme.

The Constellation Mensa.

A Flat And Relatively Thin Piece Of Wood, Stone, Metal, Or Other Hard Substance, Especially One Artificially Shaped For A Particular Purpose.

A Smooth, Flat Board Or Slab On Which Inscriptions May Be Put.

The Inner Or Outer Hard Layer Or Any Of The Flat Bones Of The Skull.

A Sounding Board.

As verb (used with object) [ta·bled, ta·bling.]

To Place (a Card, Money, Etc.) On A Table.

To Enter In Or Form Into A Table Or List.

As adjective

Of, Relating To, Or For Use On A Table: A Table Lamp.

Suitable For Serving At A Table Or For Eating Or Drinking: Table Grapes.

As i

To Cause A Reversal Of An Existing Situation, Especially With Regard To Gaining The Upper Hand Over A Competitor, Rival, Antagonist, Etc.: Fortune Turned The Tables And We Won. We Turned The Tables On Them And Undersold Them By 50 Percent.

To Work As A Waiter Or Waitress: He Worked His Way Through College By Waiting Table.



As noun

The Letter N, N.

Half Of The Width Of An Em.

As adjective

Having The Area Of An En Quad Or The Length Of An En: En Quad; En Dash.



As verb (used with object)

To Prepare The Preliminary Sketch Or The Plans For (a Work To Be Executed), Especially To Plan The Form And Structure Of: To Design A New Bridge.

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To Make Drawings, Preliminary Sketches, Or Plans.

To Plan And Fashion The Form And Structure Of An Object, Work Of Art, Decorative Scheme, Etc.

As noun

An Outline, Sketch, Or Plan, As Of The Form And Structure Of A Work Of Art, An Edifice, Or A Machine To Be Executed Or Constructed.

Organization Or Structure Of Formal Elements In A Work Of Art; Composition.

The Combination Of Details Or Features Of A Picture, Building, Etc.; The Pattern Or Motif Of Artistic Work: The Design On A Bracelet.

The Art Of Designing: A School Of Design.

A Plan Or Project: A Design For A New Process.

A Plot Or Intrigue, Especially An Underhand, Deceitful, Or Treacherous One: His Political Rivals Formulated A Design To Unseat Him.

A Hostile Or Aggressive Project Or Scheme Having Evil Or Selfish Motives: He Had Designs On His Partner's Stock.

Intention; Purpose; End.

Adaptation Of Means To A Preconceived End.


Table Basse En Verre Design Italien.

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