Plaster Of Paris Designs For Bedroom
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Plaster Of Paris Designs For Bedroom

Plaster Of Paris Designs For Bedroom Plaster Of Paris Designs For Bedroom

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As noun

A Composition, As Of Lime Or Gypsum, Sand, Water, And Sometimes Hair Or Other Fiber, Applied In A Pasty Form To Walls, Ceilings, Etc., And Allowed To Harden And Dry.

Powdered Gypsum.

Plaster Of Paris.

A Solid Or Semisolid Preparation Spread Upon Cloth, Plastic, Or Other Material And Applied To The Body, Especially For Some Healing Purpose.

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To Cover (walls, Ceilings, Etc.) With Plaster.

To Treat With Gypsum Or Plaster Of Paris.

To Lay Flat Like A Layer Of Plaster.

To Daub Or Fill With Plaster Or Something Similar.

To Apply A Plaster To (the Body, A Wound, Etc.).

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As i



As noun

A Room Furnished And Used For Sleeping.

As adjective

Concerned Mainly With Love Affairs Or Sex: The Movie Is A Typical Bedroom Comedy.

Sexually Inviting; Amorous: Bedroom Eyes.

Inhabited Largely By Commuters: A Bedroom Community.

Plaster Of Paris Designs For Bedroom.

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