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Grille De Defense Pour Fenetre Brico Depot

Grille De Defense Pour Fenetre Brico Depot Grille De Defense Pour Fenetre Brico Depot

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As noun

A Grating Or Openwork Barrier, As For A Gate, Usually Of Metal And Often Of Decorative Design.

An Opening, Usually Covered By Grillwork, For Admitting Air To Cool The Engine Of An Automobile Or The Like; Radiator Grille.

Any Of Various Perforated Screens, Sheets, Etc., Used To Cover Something, As On A Radio For Protecting The Amplifier Or In Cryptography For Coding Purposes.

A Ticket Window Covered By A Grating.

A Square-shaped Winning Opening On The Hazard Side Of The Court.


As preposition

From; Of (used In French, Spanish, And Portuguese Personal Names, Originally To Indicate Place Of Origin): Comte De Rochambeau; Don Ricardo De Aragón.


As noun

Resistance Against Attack; Protection: Two More Regiments Are Needed For The Defense Of The City.

Something That Defends, As A Fortification, Physical Or Mental Quality, Or Medication: This Fort Was Once The Main Defense Of The Island.

The Defending Of A Cause Or The Like By Speech, Argument, Etc.: He Spoke In Defense Of The Nation's Foreign Policy.

A Speech, Argument, Etc., In Vindication: She Delivered A Defense Of Free Enterprise.

Defense Mechanism.

The Department Of Defense.

As verb (used with object) [de·fensed, de·fens·ing.]

To Defend Against (an Opponent, Play, Or Tactic).


As verb (used with object)

To Send (a Liquid, Fluid, Or Anything In Loose Particles) Flowing Or Falling, As From One Container To Another, Or Into, Over, Or On Something: To Pour A Glass Of Milk; To Pour Water On A Plant.

To Emit Or Propel, Especially Continuously Or Rapidly: The Hunter Poured Bullets Into The Moving Object.

To Produce Or Utter In Or As In A Stream Or Flood (often Followed By Out): To Pour Out One's Troubles To A Friend.

As verb (used without object)

To Issue, Move, Or Proceed In Great Quantity Or Number: Crowds Poured From The Stadium After The Game.

To Flow Forth Or Along; Stream: Floodwaters Poured Over The Embankments.

To Rain Heavily (often Used Impersonally With It As Subject): It Was Pouring, But Fortunately We Had Umbrellas.

As noun

The Act Of Pouring.

An Abundant Or Continuous Flow Or Stream: A Pour Of Invective.

A Heavy Fall Of Rain.




As noun

A Railroad Station.

A Bus Station.

A Storehouse Or Warehouse, As A Building Where Freight Is Deposited.

A Place Where Body Products Not Actively Involved In Metabolic Processes Are Accumulated, Deposited, Or Stored.

Grille De Defense Pour Fenetre Brico Depot.

Category : Decoration De Maison

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